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Riddle of inventory levels keeps platinum investors shy Daily Mail Online with Philip Klapwijk director at consultancy Precious Metals Insights

Chinese gold imports tipped to drop in loan deals fallout South China Morning Post & Reuters with Philip Klapwijk of Precious Metals Insights Ltd

Mines and Money Beijing presentation "China’s Growing Demand for PGMs" by Philip Klapwijk of Precious Metals Insights Ltd

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China allows gold imports via Beijing, sources say, amid reserves buying talk | Reuters

China companies hoard gold for collateral - with Philip Klapwijk of PMI

New report predicts sustained strong gold demand in China in next four years World Gold Council with Precious Metals Insights

Gold Price Predictors Raise The Bar

Alchemist 73 LBMA pdf with Philip Klapwijk ALCHEMIST ISSUE SEVENTY THREE Page 18 Historical Review of the LBMA’s Precious Metals Forecast Survey

» Conference Day Two – Wednesday 21th May: Securing Natural Resources in Demand Mines and Money Beijing with Philip Klapwijk, Managing Director, Precious Metals Insights Limited

Philip Klapwijk Precious Metals Consultants

BULLION MORNING with Precious Metals Insight’s Philip Klapwijk - Gold price may drop to $1,100/oz


The London Bullion Market Association LBMA 2014 Price Forecast by Philip Klapwijk of Precious Metals Insights Limited for gold, silver, platinum & palladium prices.

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